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Want to learn Swedish but struggling to find good material?
Our courses are formed in a way that will make you learn Swedish in three months with 10-30 minutes of practice per day. This is guaranteed! When you have gone through this course you will also be able to learn other languages a lot better, since the methods described in this course is made for learning Swedish but for learning any language in the world.


Is the available material online crap, and you don't want to take a physical course?
Most online languages courses are in fact crap, because they lack a system to teach you the language. They think it is cool just to stuff you full of words grammar and dialogues and that you will actually learn the lanugage that way! I do not believe in such old methods. I want you to learn Swedish and I want you to learn it fast in an inspiring way! That's why there is both video, audio, games, exercises, communication tools and the right words for you. The ones that you will make use of!
Before creating I was browsing the Internet for material without finding the quality stuff I was expecting. Then I decided to do something about it and create this course, trying to incorporate the ways I learned language the last years, with the language I know the best - my mother toungue. 
Who is behind the the website?
I'm Jonas Larsson. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden and is dedicated to helping you learn Swedish. Since I started this course more than 3000 people has signed up and used the material, and several hundred thousand has used the videos I have on my Youtube channel (if you want to see the video material of the first 7 lessons it's all there, so go check it out). This keeps up my motivation to help you work towards your goals. If there's stuff you want to add to the course, change in the course or have questions about I'm always available to answer your questions. I can't make you learn the language, but I can help you out, provide you with material and keep up your motivation.
That's my promise when you sign up for the course!
What you don't get:
Just for your information I will tell you what this course is NOT:
  • It is not a collection of thousands of words that you will never be able to learn.
  • It is not like studying at a regular school, university or any other course that lack an inspiring system.
  • It is not a collection of worthless sentences that you will never make use of.
  • It is not an extremely over-priced "be present at skype"- course.
  • It is not a listing of all grammar of the Swedish language that will make it very hard to understand anything.
  • It is not a hard way to learn the Swedish lanugage!
What you do get:
Your membership on is the perfect introduction to the Swedish language! After taking this course you will be able to understand spoken and written Swedish as well as writing and speaking Swedish.
  • Learn 50% of the Swedish Language in your first 10 days with the program with our system for instant language learning! Guaranteed!
  • An amazing interactive language course 26 chapters with audio, video and text and exercises that will help you learn Swedish online in an inspiring way.
  • Learn why classical language learning does not work but why this does!
  • Learning Swedish Online's guide to Sweden, and the Swedish culture and lifestyle.
  • Become fluent in speaking Swedish.
  • Become an expert in reading and writing Swedish.
  • Learn why common Words * Inspiration * Interests=Huge success in learning languages! This will change your attitude forever. (It for sure did with me.)
  • The easy way of learning the "boring grammar".
  • A method for turbo-charging your language learning.
  • A method to make you able to remember all words you learn for the rest of your life.
  • A crash course on Swedish sayings that will make you sound like a real expert!
  • We are adding new material all the time to the site.
    As a member you will have access to all future updates and upgrades of the program.
  • BONUS 1: Our huge link-collection that will help you and save huge amounts of time when you learn Swedish.
  • BONUS 2: You will get access to me on Skype to test your skills and ask your questions.
  • BONUS 3: After taking the tests of the course you will get a diploma as proof of your knowledge in Swedish.
Try the first Seven chapters for Free!


How can we know this online Swedish course really works?
It does work. Period.
This system has been tested and developed by so many people benefitting from it. You will realize the first moment you start doing the course that this is really going to work and it is really going to be a fun way of learning Swedish! If you come to Sweden I would love to meet you for some proof of your new skills! Just let me know and we will catch up!
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